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We had rented an apartment on the Riviera Maya. On our way we stopped in Puerto Rico where we were to film part of our next film. We loved the island and the people, and the friends we made; the music, the galleries, the sailing and the Fine Arts; the food and the ballet. So, we cancelled Mexico. Then fell in love with a remarkable novel by Eduardo Lalo, a distinguished Puerto Rican writer, who met with us. We asked him if we could make a movie based on his book; and.so began years of pleasure and some pain; but we made the movie not withstanding COVID-19. We wanted to make a Puerto Rican movie that we believed could sell around the world showcasing the talent we discovered on the island. We believe we did and are about to see if we are proven right.



The production team consists of the most professional and experienced talent on the island, most of whom have worked with the director, Betty Kaplan, on other projects. Producer Peter Rawley, was the former Head of the International Division at ICM. Producer Frances Lausell has over 20 years of experience producing for clients such as NBC, Lifetime, Discover Channel, Sony as well as other international producers. Executive Producer attorney Antonio J. Sifre (The Sifre Group) will provide legal and financial advisory. He has more than 20 years of experience in a wide variety of corporate transactions, including commercial lending, workouts, mergers and acquisitions, real estate sales and acquisitions, venture capital, and film production and financing, including film tax credit sales.

Peter Rawley


Frances Lausell


Sonnel Velázquez


Director of Photography, Sonnel Velazquez is a two-time Grammy winner of Videos (Calle 13, Ricky Martin, Juan Luis Guerra) and two of his films have been Oscar entries for Foreign Films. He is a 28-year veteran of commercials, music videos and film shot all over the world, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the US. Production Designer, Bonita Hoffman is known for her work on the Oscar nominated PR film “Lo que le pasó a Santiago” and films such as “Lorca”, “Rum Diaries”, “Havana Nights”, and “For the Love Of Country”. The production team completes it the Editor, Luis Colina a one-time Academy Award nominee for short documentary (La Corona), has over 30 years of experience editing numerous feature films and TV Series in the US and Latin America, and the Music Composer, Geronimo Mercado, an award-winning Puerto Rican Sound Artist and Composer with more than 25 feature films under his belt featuring leads like John Travolta, Andy Garcia , Nicolas Cage and Jason Sudaikis. Geronimo is one of the Cannes Marche Du Film 2021 top chosen Composers for the first ever Cannes Spot the Composer event. Special Effects and Graphics will be done at the new 3D Lab at PR’s University of Sagrado Corazon Film School. The graphics are being created by Boligan a world-famous Graphic Artist whose drawings are known in France, Spain, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Cuba, Mexico, and Latin America. He just won an important prize in France for the best Cartoon of 2015.